Reach into the most targeted source of Engineering Professionals in the nation with E-Marketing. is the only resource of its kind attracting highly specific and relevant users across all major engineering and technical disciplines throughout the United States.

E-Marketing is the fastest and most effective vehicle to communicate your message to a focused audience of Engineers and Technical Managers. enables you to pinpoint your target audience and immediately put your message in front of them.

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Immediate Response over 85% of responses occur within 48 hours. Online reporting of Campaign Results is included, and details include delivery, open, and click-thru rates.

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Select your target audience from a population of over 264,000 Engineers in our confirmed opt-in database. Provide us with your custom message, and we will deliver within 24-48 hours.
** Our ad copy group is also available to assist you with creating your message.

Choose your targeted Engineering Disciplines:

And further define your target audience across multiple categories† including:

• Job Level
Industry Sector
• Company Size
• Security Clearance
• Geography
For detailed counts, please request our List Datacard. E-Marketing is highly effective for promoting a wide variety of offers, including Employment Opportunities, Job Fairs, Conferences, Seminars, Education and Training Programs.

Promote New Product Introductions, Product Updates, Product Advertising and many other offers needing high quality respondents and fast turnaround.

Sample E-Marketing Campaign:

DEMOGRAPHICS attracts a broad range of U.S. engineering and technical professionals. We update our demographics every six months to reflect growth and traffic changes.

Users average 9 years of work experience in engineering after completion of their undergraduate degree. Over 98% had a B.S. degree in an engineering discipline, less than 2% have a B.A., B.T. or other degree. 46% of users searched on M.S. in a technical discipline, 16% on MBA and 17% selected Ph.D. 21% included a Secret clearance or Top Secret clearance in their search criteria. 68% of users were individual contributors, 27% were engineering and technical managers and 5% all other categories.

For more information, contact us: E-Marketing is a very cost effective advertising program with outstanding value that works.