What people are saying about the Engineering Salary Calculator (some recent feedback email):

"I like your format with specific salary data, unlike other sites that give you a range which seems kind of bogus." - Cindy R., ASIC Software Lead, Arlington, VA.

"Suggestion. Have a way to check a box, and it looks up your original input, and every month recomputes it and sends it. Also, add a cc option so I can send it my boss. Seriously." - Bill T., Software Engineer, Princeton, NJ

"Thanks. It's like having a salary advocate" - Robert G., Senior Software Engineer, Chicago, IL

"I'm a staffing manager at (defense company deleted), and I use your site a few times a week. I passed it along to our other corporate recruiters and they think it's very accurate. Like the clearance feature." - Ray T., Staffing Manager, San Diego, CA.

"Best salary site I've found. Others don't provide much useable information, or they want you to pay for a report. Yeah, right. Thanks." - Charles K., Chemical Engineer, Sidell, LA

"I thought I was grossly underpaid, turns out I wasn't. Oh well." - Gene T., RF Engineer, Cary, NC.

"This levels the playing field. It's like looking over someone's shoulder when they're opening their paycheck." - Mike V., Electrical Engineer, Los Angeles, CA

"My old boss thought the numbers were somewhat high, and since he was a loser and I was fed up, I sent out a few local resumes. I will be starting a new job shortly, and beat your salary results by about 4% --- which is nearly a 19% increase from my new employer. Thanks for the wake up call. I passed the site along to my former coworkers." - Richard G., Electrical Engineer, Parma, OH

"If I could download music, it would be a perfect. Seriously, thanks, it really helped me make some decisions." - Kurt W., Software Engineer, Redmond, WA.

"Gives me a much better perspective on salary when I'm making an offer to an out of area candidate. An integrity check. I use it frequently, but it would be really helpful to include average regional benefits in the calculation." - Tom D, Director of Engineering, San Ramon, CA

"Used your results, combined with some other data, to negotiate a better raise than I expected. It would have been impossible to pull this kind of information together a few years ago. Thanks." - Ed W., Senior Hardware Engineer, St. Louis, MO.

"I am no longer at the mercy of our HR department's "opinions" about what engineers should be paid. My manager essentially agreed with your numbers, but HR rejected my raise (to bring me to par) because of some obscure corporate policy on parity. He fought to make it happen, based partially on your information. My family and I thank you." - Chuck F., Mechanical Engineer/Project Leader, Madison, WI

"Blamed my indecision on accepting an offer on you guys. The new company capitulated, and I ended up with more money (and accepted). Finally, a useful salary site. Thanks." - David E., Electrical Engineer, Dallas, TX.

"I was much better prepared for my review. Only place I found for PhD salaries. I sent it to many of my colleagues." - Linda R., R&D Physicist, Pittsburgh, PA.

"I like that I can survey salaries based on clearance. You guys are the only site that I know of that does that. Very helpful." - Don E., Chief Electrical Enginner, Washington, DC.

"I wasn't even close, and I ran the numbers using various criteria. My next raise will be a companywide 2-3% depending on the review. I'm now spending full time promoting myself to other employers, and calling recruiters. Around here you get rewarded for sucking up... not quality contributions." - William S., Software Engineer, Baltimore, MD.

"Worked great, except you don't take into consideration the offset for PE licenses. It would really be an added bonus to an otherwise very useful resource." - Don H., Structural Engineer, Troy, NY.

"My salary was slightly above your calculation, but my son with 2 years of EE experience at (company deleted) was really low. I was able to motivate him to push for a raise. Your site supported my feeling that he was really underpaid, and when he saw it in black-and-white (not what Dad was telling him) he took action. Thanks." - Roger O., Software Director, New Haven, CT.

"I'm heading back to school to get a MS in Computer Engineering, based on the difference in compensation. Very cool site." - Mike S., Software Engineer, Boston, MA

"My wife found your site, and climbed on my case. I was below average for Austin, but you never know because nobody ever talks about salary. I'm going to hit my employer for a serious bump during my review or I'm history. I'm getting hammered bigtime. I wish I knew this five years ago." - Tom D., Optical Engineer, Austin, TX.

"I'm leaving (University deleted) and the academic life, and this really was instrumental in explaining away opinions that I had developed over the past nine years. Helped me to understand what I was worth (less than I expected), which caused me to adjust my requirements. Now I'm getting activity." - Charles E., Associate Professor, Cambridge, MA.

"Kicked my old employer to the curb... started a new job that pays much better, and I'm happier. Thanks." - Jim H., Electrical Engineer, Dobbs Ferry, NY

"My company is ripped about your salary calculator, and advised a few of us to avoid it (they track our net activity). That's good enough for me. If they are worried about it, it's probably pretty decent. Anyway, thanks. I'm using it to evaualte new offers in Texas." - Jeff C., Manufacturing Engineer, Henderson, NV