Entry Level Engineer Salary

EngineerSalary.com receives many thousands of requests every year from new engineering grads asking "what am I worth"... and what is a reasonable starting salary?

We have provided a table of the national average starting salaries for new grad engineers -- with a engineering or technical BS degree. Add 6-10% for a MS.

While we don't track starting offers for entry level engineers (our data starts with one year of work experience), we hope this table will assist you in understanding what new grads earn.

In larger cities, or higher cost of living areas, these numbers will be at least 10-25% higher. Remember... these salary numbers represent a national average, and will be very different when comparing Boise to New York City or Little Rock to San Jose.

Carefully evaluate the local cost-of-living, including apartment rentals and state income tax, prior to making your decision. Make sure you can afford to live on the annual salary a potential employer is offering. Additionally, determine if the environment and lifestyle (in a new location) will be right for you.

Decline an offer that is outside of your ability to afford the location. People accept horrible offers every day, without adequate research, because they find something appealing about the company.

Don't hesitate to go back for more money, explaining that the job is great, but the compensation needs to be adjusted. Keep in mind that many companies will rethink an offer if presented with logical data clearly supporting your position, and the new salary demand is reasonable (within prevailing rates).

The worst they can do is decline your counter proposal. Most companies have some negotiating room, and if they are convinced you are ready to accept their offer pending adjustments, will move forward. This won't be the first time it happened to them.

Because the numbers are lumped nationally, our advice is to use this data as a starting reference point -- along with your own research -- to develop an accurate salary picture relative to the area. Your best resource is to network with classmates and friends that are already employed (and, even better, company "insiders") to determine a fair and equitable salary that you can... and will... accept.

Analyst $35,000-$46,500
Applications Engineer $36,000-$48,000
C/C++ Coding $29,000-$52,200
CAD Analysis $38,500
CAD Designer $37,500
CAD Detailer $31.200
Computer Support Technology $23,000-$29,700
Communications or RF Engineer $45,100-$59,900
Civil Engineering BS degree $36,500
Computer Engineering BS degree $46,700
Computer Science BS degree $44,200
Chemical Engineering BS degree $42,900
Electrical Engineering BS degree $48,700
Field Sales Support Engineer $41,500
Game Development (Software) $24,000-$39,200
Hardware Engineer BS degree $46,400
Industrial Engineer $40,300
IT Professional BS or BA degree $37,000-$42,000
Manufacturing Engineer $39,300
MBA (+ Engineering BS) $57,170
MBA (from a top 20 university) $71,550
Mechanical Engineer BS degree $46,200
Multimedia Developer $27,000-$33,000
Network Administrator $28,000-$36,400
Petroleum Engineer BS degree $30,800
Printed Circuit Designer $51,500
Semiconductor Engineering $47,800
Software Engineer BS degree $46,650
Web Developer $24,000-32,700

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